Special Effects

Dancing On A Cloud

What couple doesn't want to feel like they're on Cloud 9 on their Special Day?! Dancing On A Cloud is a beautiful blanket of low-lying fog which creates a breath taking atmosphere for your first dance.

Dancing on a cloud is a special effect that is accomplished by using a dry ice machine, which, when loaded with boiling water and dry ice produces a very thick white cloud of vapor, giving your first dance all the attention of a Hollywood movie effect! Your photographs and Wedding videos will be at a higher level!

Below we show great ways to add to this special effect even more!


Cold Sparks

Ready to feel like a rockstar and give your event an experience like no other with our cold spark effect? Safe to the touch but as exciting as the real thing. We can also control it and time it with the music with different effects. You can just hear and see the excitement from your guests with this effect.

We have trained staff to set up and operate the machines

We are one of the few companies in the area capable of offering this service

 Tested and proven safe for indoors use. Our cold sparks fire off in 30 second intervals, and come as a pair, including one bag of powder, that will last a total of 5-6 minutes.

Additional Bags come with an additional price